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Intimate Waxing

Benefits of Intimate Waxing

Hygiene leaves a cleaner finish especially when the weather is hot as body odour is reduced due to lack of hair in that area.

Less skin irritation shaving and depilatory creams can leave a rash on the treated area.

Longer lasing – as the hairs are removed from the root clients should only need to rebook every 4-6 weeks.  Making it less painful

Why have intimate waxing?

Waxing is quick, clean and hygienic long lasting hair removal. Keeping regular appointments for waxing means hair re growth is finer and slower.

Basic bikini – Hair is removed from the top
and the sides of the bikini area.

G String – Same as bikini, however the top
can be taken slightly higher with more hair removed underneath following the
line of a g-string.


Brazilian – Removes all of the hair from
underneath and leaves only a strip, thumb print or small triangle of hair at
the front. Hair is also completely removed from in between the buttocks.

 Hollywood – Everything off!

    After Care

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