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Pregnancy Massage Benefits

Additional Benefits Explained

Aids Stress Relief: 
It has been proven that pregnancy massage helps reduce stress for yourself but also for your baby, by encouraging the release of endorphins ( your happy hormones).

Helps you become more body aware:
Mothers who have received pregnancy massage were more easily able to identify more accurately labour symptoms and much more able to cope with the early stages of labour.

Stimulates circulation:
By stimulating blood circulation you are increasing the flow of oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells to the placenta and your vital organs.

Relieves sluggish bowel movements:
As you may be finding whilst you are pregnant that you are becoming less regular and may even be suffering from constipation, massage can help relieve these symptoms.

Relieves muscular tension:
It has been proven that unfortunately 75% of pregnant women will suffer from some form of severe back pain during their pregnancy. Where the pain is felt and for how long will vary from person to person , but the amount of strain that is caused by your changing shape throws your posture out and puts your muscles, joints and ligaments under a lot of extra pressure, massage can help relieve tension, aches, pains and even help ease conditions such as Sciatica, Symphysis Pubis Disfunction and prolapsed discs.

Releases compression:
Nerves can become compressed due to muscular tension and the build up of fluid retention. Massage helps to ease the muscular tension and fluid buildup, therefore helping to ease the compression in the nerves.

Aids breathing:
During the treatment we massage the intercostal and pectoral muscles and also use stretching techniques that can help expand the lungs and give some much needed relief to the respiratory system.

Helps prevent varicose veins:
It can be common for women to develop varicose veins during pregnancy as the amount of blood in the bloodstream increases by at least 50%. With this and the decreased mobility you can get in the later stages of pregnancy it puts extra pressure on the veins in your legs and becomes increasingly difficult for the blood to return to the heart. Gentle massage will help stimulate the circulatory system giving your veins a helping hand to keep your circulation flowing well.

Aids deep relaxation:
Massage can be a very relaxing and comforting experience. At times we all need a little TLC, especially when you are pregnant. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it is hard work and very physically and emotionally draining for most. Massage helps your body rebalance and have a little time for yourself.

Encourage natural pain relief:

Massage stimulates the production of oxytocin, which is the hormone that gives pain relief.

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